Banks and financial dealings sector

Throughout the long Saudi Sunlines Trading Group`s experience, the group focused on banking operations sector through its presence in the banking transactions where it focused on the technical side of the financial transactions related to banking sector and the requirements of these banking operations of equipment and operating devices , the group got an agency for a factory specialized in banking operations devices for banks, this factory introduces new products that eliminates known traditional methods and contributes significantly in completing daily tasks of banking operations within minutes accurately , quickly and professionally. This service is among the services that Sunlines Group offers to support banking sector and its equivalents from other sectors that deal in cash and securities. Devices for banknotes are to conduct counting, sorting and packaging according to desired standards of financial institutions in keeping and transferring money. We have chosen three important devices:

1. The giant device. Technical device used to line and package Banknotes. Device Banknote Shrink Packaging Machine

2. counting, sorting and checking currency

3. Linking Banknotes device


Food and consumer products

Sunlines Group won the honor of marketing food and consumer products of the American brand SUN BIRD which is considered as one of the best qualities and less expensive. The goal of the producing factory is to harness all capabilities to spread this product around the world professionally and compete in all markets with the aim of giving consumer advantage of the difference in price compared to other product.

Some traders or consumers may see that the product is not known to him, which could make them not to purchase it immediately, but we and the producing factory emphasize on the quality of the products and some of which may be manufactured in same factories of products which is well known to them and in same quality and this what makes us assure this information, experience is the best proof, product logo is (try and judge).


Lighting paper

Due to evolution in modern technology and our belief in paying efforts using all available means and looking for what is new to benefit you, we won the honor to have marketing agency for the products of 1st Saudi factory specialized in producing and manufacturing bright leaves, factory products are considered as modern technological and innovative products and were manufactured specifically to show the excellence and technological innovation that meets the level of ambition of those interested in modern technologies and give them quantum leap in many areas due to multi usage of colored bright leaves and aims to save money and efforts as well as keep up with the modern digital evolution through what is provided by the factory of innovative products for all public and private sectors professionally and satisfactorily.


security and safety sector

Sunlines Group has got exclusive agency for Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries , the Middle East and African countries on the products of Flamark which is a leader in the field of fire extinguishing technology and has produced a number of diverse products that function totally in a different way from the current traditional ones, these products are characterized by its quick performance , light weight and used for all fire types .all these products are environmentally friendly , harmless and could be used by children and women due to its light weight, one of its most important characteristics is its quick performance since it can put out the fire within a few minutes and help not to fire again in the place where it was put out by using this technique. Another positive aspect for these products is reducing human and material losses, chocking and so on due to the effectiveness of the material used in fire extinguishing.

Sunlines Group won the honor to get agency for this product for its contribution in offering each new serving all segments of society; this product is considered the most secure and could be used by all public sectors including official and commercial sectors, houses, cars and so on. Previous lines were not promotion for the product, but it is the reality for your security and safety. Experience is the best proof.